Monday, February 21, 2011

Sharing Healthy Recipes

Me, my mom, and my sister Katie after completing FWSW half marathon!
When my mother was married to my father she would claim that she didn't like to sweat, and by the time she was 45, my mom's weight was so out of control she had gastric bypass surgery. We all thought her head would explode. Weighing more than 300 pounds, she could run circles around her teenage kids. What would happen when she would shed 150 pounds?

She achieved this by the time I was attending freshmen orientation at Ball State University. Now standing in front of a room crowded with my classmates, all of whom had the taste of parental freedom on their lips, she had convinced the orientation leaders to let her lead a cheer.

I say Ball! You say State! Ball! State!
I say red! You say white! Red! White!
Ball! State! Red! White! Ball! State! Red! White!

Almond toffee brickle: AKA
an excavation site.
This was my mother. Running circles in front of 250 teenagers in size 10 jeans. I couldn't have been more pleased.

Although at this time she was in control of her weight, it was a lifelong battle. My mom became a participant of Fort Wayne's Smallest Winner (FWSW). Learn more on their facebook page or webpage. FWSW is headed by a one-two punch couple, Tina and Rick Walters, who are devoted to promoting healthy lifestyles. The FWSW program selects members of the community who are committed to losing weight and health improvement. At the time of her participation, my mom welcomed other members to her house to cook healthy recipes.

Brown rice pizza, vegetarian on
left and vegan on right.
Today I realized that I've been contributing to this blog since October and have yet to post any of her recipes! Where have I been? I've posted some of my mother's "healthy" recipes. Check the list to the right to see these and other additions.

For dinner tonight, I made brown rice pizza (vegan and vegetarian) and almond toffee brickle. Aunt Mary and I enjoyed dinner together and I am glad to learn that I cook like a Case family member--always enough for 10 people.

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  1. Your mom ALWAYS knew her chicks and all her friends would of course enjoy her fantastic food and actually NEEDED it. I so agree.